Weasand Clip / Oesophagus Clip


Adept has developed a Metal Detectable Beef Clip that performs as effectively as our original Beef Clip in sealing the oesophagus and preventing ingesta leakage. The clip can be detected (in its full form) by metal detection equipment.

With an increased importance now being placed on removing plastics and other contaminants from pet food and rendering raw material, Adept Metal Detectable Clips can quickly be identified and removed.
The Metal Detectable Beef Clip is available in both loose and cartridge forms and is compatible with Adept's dispensing systems.

The Adept clip is applied to the weasand (oesophagus) and pushed up to the base of the paunch using the Rodder tool. This process empties the weasand of any ingesta material and securely seals it in the paunch preventing any ingesta contamination occurring during processing.

  • Closes to form a secure seal around the weasand (oesophagus), preventing leakage

  • The weasand (oesophagus) is cleared of contents during application

  • Clip can be detected by all industry standard metal detection technology

  • Available loose or in 25 Clip cartridge stack

  • Compatible with Adept Touchless or Manual Dispenser systems

  • FDA / EU food contact approved.

Product Code

1305-017 (Loose)

1305-016 (Cartridge)


2,000 clips / Carton (bulk packed)

Colour Availability



Metal Detectable Plastic


L: 410mm, W: 285mm H: 395mm

Weight: 10.5KG


Beef Clip Rodder (0142-010)


Manual 1020-820 (750 Clip)

1020-830 (500 Clip)

1020-840 (250 Clip)

Touchless 1020-850

Base & 1020-870 (500 Clip)

1020-880 (750 Clip)

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